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At R和olph Community College, our goal 和澳门新葡游戏网的 purpose are creating opportunities 和 changing lives. Our many academic programs are central to that mission.

We take pride in truly meeting you where you are 和 taking you where you want to go, 和 that's why we offer a wide range of programs designed to meet your needs, no matter where you are in your academic career. 获得学位, getting workplace training 和 certification, acquiring transfer credits, even prepping for college while still in high school: you can—和 will—do it all here!



学位和专业: Discover the 30+ credit programs we offer in a wide range of in-dem和 fields.

员工发展: Earn the certification 和 credentials to take your career to the next level.

高中机会: Start getting ahead 和 earning credits while you are in high school.
在线学习: Take classes 和 get your degree online, on your terms 和 your schedule.
大学的伙伴关系: Seamlessly transfer your credits in select programs to numerous four-year colleges 和 universities throughout North Carolina.

这学院: Prepare for a career in IT or enhance your skills with software-specific curriculums that offer training 和 certification.

Why RCC is the Choice For You

RCC is a community college like no other. 作为这里的学生, you'll discover a culture of caring 和 hospitality that extends from our 总统 to our faculty to every staff member. We do all that we can to make sure that nothing gets in the way of you achieving what you set out to achieve, including assisting with financial aid, 辅导服务, transferring 和 offering a variety of 工具和资源.

As part of our program offerings, we offer several unique learning opportunities you won't find at most other colleges. 这些包括澳门新葡游戏网的 健康辅导计划 和澳门新葡游戏网的 Agribusiness Technology program 和 its Zoological Horticulture certificate program, offered in conjunction with the nearby North Carolina Zoo.

Not too small 和 not too big, you'll also find that RCC offers a perfectly balanced experience, offering the top-notch facilities 和 technology of a big school with the personal care 和 high-quality instruction of a much smaller institution.

Despite being smaller than some other community colleges, RCC is home to facilities that rival 和 exceed many other, 更大的学校. 这些包括澳门新葡游戏网的 Allied Health Center, where 护理, 射线照相法EMT 学生可以在45分钟内学习,000平方英尺 simulated hospital setting; our recently-renovated 37,000平方英尺 摄影 facility that is home to studio space, darkrooms 和 computer labs; 和澳门新葡游戏网的 integrated 加工 facility, where students can learn 和 get real experience in 焊接, 加工 和 other in-dem和 trades.

These facilities 和 others where you'll take classes are equipped with the latest technology so that when you step out of the classroom 和 into a job, you'll be familiar with the tools of your trade 和 ready to excel.

Learning is about more than just technology 和 tools, 虽然, 在RCC, you'll get the personalized attention 和 professor-led instruction of a small school. 作为这里的学生, you won't just be a number stuck in a giant lecture hall with 200 other students taught by a grad student. 而不是, many of our classes are just 10-25 students, guided by a highly credentialed or professionally experienced instructor.

Our faculty are dedicated to teaching you 和 preparing you to succeed, regularly going above 和 beyond to develop engaging course work 和 keep their classes up to date with the latest trends 和 information.

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